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What is BitcoinBot24?

Automated Trading

Download and Install to let your Cash Cow free !

Over 100 Trading Strategies

Utilize trusted trading strategies or configure your own.

All Cryptocurrencies

You decide which currency pairs are traded via the Bot.

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Very successful in Bull and Bear markets!

Successful Users throughout the world trade with fully automatic Bitcoin Bots !

Leverage of up to 100x

Your choice on how much risk you want to take !

Limited to 55 Bots

Limited to prevent cannibalism of profits between our traders! Only 55 bots per batch!

How does BitcoinBot24 work?

Download & install

Easy Installation and no setup process ! Choose your strategy and your preferences and milk the fully automatic cash cow!

Without interruptions...

Our Trading Bot trades for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week without breaks. You can choose from pre-created strategies or create and follow your own trading strategy fully automatically!

Raise your profits to new all time highs !


Bitmex Trading Bot – Limited Edition

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  • Fully Automated Trading on Bitmex
  • Over 100 Trading Strategies
  • Easily configure your individual strategies
  • All Currencies
  • Successful Users Worldwide
  • Leverage of up to 100x
  • Each Batch limited to 55 Bots
  • Free Support 24/7


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"Simply perfect! My bot trades and makes money for me and I can focus on my studies!
Lian Batz
" Very good performance throughout all periods - even during the Bitcoin crash!"
Sophia Kraft
"Bitcoin can raise in my opinion to 1 million Euro, thanks to BitcoinBot24 I already filled my wallet !"
Noah Lopp
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